Terry Mallette

Terry Mallette

What makes Terry happy? Turning people’s frowns upside down. When someone leaves the Bank smiling – that makes her day.

Terry, who began her banking career b.c.e. (Before Computer Everything), really does like the convenience online banking offers clients. But she admits, with a bit of a frown, it isn’t like the olden days when I’d see my friends (I mean clients) in the lobby at least once a week.

Often, Terry’s clients still stop in the Bank. Usually to open another account or bring along a friend or family member who is looking for Terry’s help.

We’re all one big happy family – my clients and me! We know and care about each other. I think that’s what makes Town & Country Bank not only a fun place to work but a great place to bank!

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Terry Mallette, Relationship Banking Officer

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