Nathan Salas

Nathan Salas

Nathan, a.k.a. Mr. Organized, reports that he loves file folders, especially colored ones and sticky labels.

When not reviewing projects, he’s spearheading new initiatives to spread the word about Town & Country Bank. Nate is the Bank’s resident tweeter. Follow him at You will certainly learn more about the Bank…and “stuff” Nate ponders during any given 25-hour day.

Once upon a time, Nate moved away from Watertown but he couldn’t stay away. He came home because he “…really loves Watertown. It’s my home, a great place to work, raise a family, (and a dog that sheds)!”

His dream for Watertown is to help businesses and families live better. With Nate in town, we have a guarantee that that dream will come true.

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Nathan Salas, President • 920.262.4161 • NMLS #665259

Allen Williams, Senior Vice President • 920.262.4184 • NMLS #665424

Kathy Schleicher, Relationship Banking Officer • 920.262.4169 • NMLS #552723

Laura Wex, Relationship Banking Officer • 920.262.4167 • NMLS #553225

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