Lynn Lapp

Lynn Lapp

Lynn is good at keeping secrets. But even Lynn finds it hard
not to tell people about the best kept secret in Watertown –
Town & Country Bank. Lynn says our Bank’s secret is that we know our clients. “Clients, especially new ones, are shocked when I greet them.” They’re used to being treated as a number – and it’s not a #1.

For Lynn, building connections with her clients is all in a day’s work. When a person comes in, Lynn first gets to know them as a person. People are very private about their finances Lynn said. There is no reason for a person to trust me with their hard earned money unless they know and have confidence in me.

“A day doesn’t go by that I don’t hear people tell me that their bank has gotten too big for them.” Lynn let’s them in on her little secret and tells them about “her” favorite Bank.

Our People

We are always here for you.
Scott Huedepohl, President • 920.262.4160 • NMLS #680798

Allen Williams, Vice President-Senior Loan Officer • 920.262.4184 • NMLS #665424

Terry Schultz, Vice President-Retail Manager • 920.262.4168 • NMLS #665403

Lynn Lapp, Relationship Banking Officer • 920.262.4195 • NMLS #665388

Terry Mallette, Relationship Banking Officer • 920.262.4163 • NMLS #685667

Nathan Salas, Vice President-Community Banking • 920.262.4161 • NMLS #665259

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