Allen Williams


If listening was an art…Allen would be the next Picasso. Quiet and confident, Allen knows precisely what it takes to be a good business banker – a real desire to hear what business owners are saying.

“All banks have products,” said Allen. “Sure, I could find lots of ways to make it easy for the Bank but then, I wouldn’t be doing what’s right for the client.”

Taking very seriously the responsibility of helping businesses succeed, one can often find Allen on the factory floor or in a farmer’s field. A patient listener and thoughtful thinker, Allen has over 30 years of business banking experience.

“Businesses are losing something when they are forced to use a call center,” Allen notes. “How does an operator know when weather delayed spring planting or a tragedy shut down operations for a day?”

A man of few words, Allen concludes, “When you figure it out, let me know, I’ll be over to talk with you about moving your business to Town & Country Bank!”

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